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Some lewd internet human
MtF Trans pre op
Currently undergoing page maintenance. New posts sometime this winter!

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I may return I may not. I don't have a social media with the following I used to thanks to Twitter so I have no exposure and at the end of the day doing amateur pornography is for the money.
I'll have to make a mildly professional instagram. Well see. Waiting for winter to end I'm over the cold.

All of my imagery is currently down for the time being! Contemplating whether reuploading some things in the future.
I will be posting new stuff in the near future ( before the end of November)
And I'll be making an Instagram too, having my Twitter get banned royally fucked my visibility and ability to advertise.

All of my posts are slowly coming down one by one I can't just up and delete everything all at once.
I will be archiving everything and keeping only the good stuff. Not sure if I will re-upload the old stuff, only new stuff from here on out.

Within the next week or so I'll be taking down all my picture posts and doing some quality control! Just some cropping and keeping quality over quantity. I will re-upload the older sets with the original dates probably a day or two at a time.
Trying to get my image SLIGHTLY more professional and not just all butthole lol. I'll keep ya posted!

For starters twitter wouldn't even verify why they banned me.
They cited ToS breach without specifying the exact reasons.
I'll likely have to create an entire new tag line FOR twitter.
I will remain Amber Rays here.
Thinking of new tag lines for twitter.

I'll be honest I think I might be in the process of deactivating this page.
My Twitter got banned and the few ones I've attempted to remake for advert are only up for a day or so before it gets flagged and banned.
Idk I don't wanna abandon my username/tagline because that's how people know my image.
This page is pretty dead anyway.

Waiting on a new folding outdoor tanning bed, should be like 3 days tops..
Happy 4th of July!!
Wish I had some 'murica themed stuff to take a set today but alas I don't have anything really American themed..
Just gonna treat today like any other sadly rip.
Hope you all have a good day 💋

Thanks to everyone who's stuck around and all the new people as well! ❤️
The weather the next few days will be kinda meh so I'll probably upload an indoor set tonight!

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