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Heya! ✨💖 My name is Charlie (or Fatal) and I’m a 21 year old blonde-haired bubble-butt Femboy from the UK. ^3^

For a few years now I’ve been thinking about making an onlyfans account, but now here we are! :p Expect to find semi-regular lewd posts that keep ya up to date with my going-ons… ;3

Any gracious tips given will go towards me buying new Femboy clothes (and toys… ;3) to show on here, but pls only do so if you’re in a position to be able to. I will be most grateful to those who are generous and support me ~ <3

Take a look and let me know if you like anything in particular! Thanks for visiting! ~ <3

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You could get in contact Charlie account directly on Onlyfans.

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femboyfatal account got 14 photos, 11 videos, and total of 451 likes on these posts.

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Absolutely, YES!

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✨ Boy tiddies, boy tiddies ~ ✨

Really excited for the Atomic Heart Twins collab with @zureeal, coming soon! <3

✨🩰🤖➡️ Planning on joining @Zureeal in cosplaying The Twins from Atomic Heart (aka shiny Russian robot mommies✨). We’re both hoping to create an exclusive set of the two of us in full cosplay, with many pictures and videos to enjoy ~ Just need a lil bit of help getting the face piece, but that’s all that’s stopping the two of us in our first ever OF collab! 💖🔥✨
All greatly appreciated donations will go straight to purchasing the cosplay! Generosity will be generously rewarded in the future ;p ~ x ⬅️🤖🩰✨

My butt looks just like a marshmallow in this video! 💖 So plump and squishy ~ :3
Jiggles after a good squeeze <3 ✨ Wanna see? ~

(Free preview is cropped version)

Hey hey ! Long time no see! ^3^ ~
I owe you guys a lil something so here’s my first decent sized set!!! :D
Sexy and cute snapchats of me as 2B from Nier:Automata - there’s lots of good length videos, lots of thighs and butt (plus a bulge shot too! (*^ω^*) )
✨ Pls enjoy ~ ✨
[7 videos + preview pics uncensored]

Been a little while but I’m so happy with how much and how quickly the page has grown so far! ~ You all are very generous and I’m so lucky to be admired by so many people <3 Thank you all so much and I’m looking forward to posting more soon! ^~^ ✨💖✨ For now, enjoy some leggies hehe (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

I just wanted give a huge thank you to some super duper generous donators recently! Been absolutely spoiled with a 2B cosplay and a pair of Kitty Ear gaymer headphones from two separate yet equally kind followers, which I wouldn’t have been able to get without their generosity ~ <3 ✨ Not to mention the drinking tip I received which are always appreciated ;3

I am currently planning on giving a certain something back to them as part of my gratitude…that may include the new cosplay and being lewd…hehehe ;3 👉👈😳✨🔥

Any more cosplays y’all reckon I’d look great in? Let me know any suggestions! ^3^

✨WOW✨ We broke 100+ Followers?! 👀😳 Thank y’all so much! ~<3

Someone also graciously bought me the 2B cosplay! I can’t thank them enough and I’m so excited to get it on! Femboy 2B content, here we come >:3 🔥

✨💖 How cute will this 2B cosplay look on me?! I’ve been dying for one for ages - especially since I have the lovely thicc thighs and perky round ass for it! ;3 It’s super cheap too! Let’s see if we can get it so we can make some 🔥HOT🔥 content wearing it 🥴💖✨

New promo image 👀😳🍑✨

✨💖 Heyyaaa! 💖✨ Just getting stuff sorted so bear with me for a lil bit, ehe! 🧸 After I get all this tricky OF stuff sorted I shall have my first content stuffs posted real soon, which I know you’ll love! ~ <3 ^3^ Cya soon! ✨

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