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What does a Transgender Man look like after surgeries? What the "D" look like? What the chest look like after having breasts removed? Want to see explicit pictures and videos which may include nudity? Brace yourself for the Good, the Bad and the Ugly! Exclusive details and content to educate.
Dr. C. Salgado (FL)
Dr. D. Nikolavsky (NY)
Dr. M. Djordjevic (NY)
WARNING: Some pictures and videos include nudity and gore.
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It's been a long time coming. So Warriors, here it is... a sneak peak to NEW BEGINNINGS. MYONE Custom Fit Condoms are the only condoms to fit my "Porn Star D" oh wait.. u didn't get the memo🤣
Yea, things happened and redu was in order. With Bigger additions which included testing out different brands of condoms cuz Magnum XL, Durex XXL, Titan XXXL didn't fit.

Stay tuned for the special appearance...

What's up Warriors💪🏾

Unfortunately, some of my content has violated the terms of OFP and were deleted. But I have some exciting news...

I'm working on a new option as my content is about to get REAL SERIOUS!!!

What if I tell you I had Phalloplasty again.. a complete do-over and this time around I'm bringing #BDE

Who wants to see the good, the bad and the ugly of my reborn Penis? Length is over 9 and a half and Girthy.

PornStar D....aka.... BIG D Energy

Stay tuned for updates.
But if you can't wait, send me a message and I'll tell ya how you can get a sneak peak.

Update: I had surgery on February 16, 2022 I had a 2-piece inflatable prosthesis installed aka "pump" (AMS Ambicor by boston Scientific.) This device is pre-filled and pre-connected without a reservoir.

Today makes 4 months and 2 days since that surgery. This video was at my 1st Post op appointment; Dr. Purohit demonstrating how it works. I must say after healing I feel much better than how I felt in the video. REAL FACTS: I don't like this implant and prefer the rod implant. Everyone has their own preference but I hate the fact of having to squeeze and bend the Penis in order to deflate. I think that I would've been better off with the rod if only I would've listened to Dr. Djordjevic and NOT had sex too soon! Lessoned learned... LISTEN AND BE PATIENT. I have no difficulties urinating or working out. Unfortuanately, I have a lot more cons than pros... It bothers to lay on flat surfaces on my stomach due to the hinge that's attached to my public bone. The hinge sticks out and causes a bit of discomfort. I realized that after attempting to get a massage. I wish there was a better way but until technology gets better I'll have to settle for this while I work on getting my body back in shape and taking a break from surgeries. I don't have trouble during sex however, I can't have a woman ride me due to the hinge placement it tends to cause more pain than pleasure. Hence, the position I attempted that broke the rod. Although, I didn't allow the rod to heal properly in the first place has a lot to do with it. I still prefer the rod over the pump. Another thing to note is the end of the inflatable stops much shorter underneath the head of the penis which is bothersome at times during sex if not cautious when inserting into a vagina or anus. I'm sexually active and like to do many positions which I find almost impossible with this device compared to the rod. The most comfortable positions with this device are having the woman either Missionary or Doggy style any other way doesn't feel good and once again causes more pain than pleasure. Another thing to note is the hinge interferes with penetrating/ thrusting hard and causes once again more pain than pleasure. Lastly, I noticed after this surgery I lost more length but gained more girth than the rod. Perhaps, if I didn't have urethra complications during the rod implant I could've had 2 rods placed and obtained the same girth but who knows. Surgeries are different for everyone as our bodies react differently and our healing process isn't the same either. I'm extremely grateful that I'm still alive and breathing through all of these surgeries and living my life in the body I feel most comfortable with. I want to extend a warm gratitude to everyone who's been following my journey and interested in being educated on this process as this isn't easy to disclose. I've been keeping it REAL from the beginning about the GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY.

I'll do Q & A's for tips so feel free to reach out.

For more information about this device go check the website below:


It's been a while since I've posted and here's why..

Featuring: Dr. Rajveer Purohit who works with Dr. Miroslav Djordjevic at Mt. Sinai Hospital (NYC)

It's extremely hard to be transparent with the world while dealing with my own health issues but, I'M BEING REAL!

I'm a Warrior and so are you!
I'd like to say thank you to all who stood by me.
Sending ya Blessings, Positivity and light. Stay safe out there.

A whole Lotta cheeks smackin😈
Without an E.D.

Halloween Fun Part 2 "All in" Sex without Rod or Pump Erectile Devices can still be possible and fun. Using coban tape and 2 condoms gives the firmness to get the job done.

Halloween Fun Part 1 "POV".. Sorry for the late post but here it is. Sex without Rod or Pump Erectile Devices.

For those who haven't gotten an implant yet, there's still ways to have sex. Using coban tape and 2 condoms gives the firmness to get the job done.

Big News: I've been dealing with other health concerns unrelated to trans surgeries. As I seek peace and transparency it still deems me as having unfortunate bad luck when it comes to Me being ME! I've not only had some Haters praying for my downfall but most recently, I've had Haters try to ban me from other social media platforms such as FACEBOOK which had me blocked from FB for a month. With that being said, it's really hard for me to promote this OFP and provide more in depth content without the support of others.


However, I need ya help... if you can all send my link and promote my OFP to get more fans I'll give you an incentive. For every 3 subscribers who commit to at least ( 3 months) I will give you half price for 2 months and 1 free additional month. All you need to do is once someone subscribes have them send a screenshot with their subscription info and a note saying who referred them so I can verify and adjust your account accordingly.

Thank you once again for your support. Please stay safe and always remember:

4 months later I'm still Smashinnnn💪🏾😜 Rod Implant on point.

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