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celebrating the sexuality & depravity of fat, trans, nonbinary, neurodivergent, chronically ill, disabled, & other weirdos 💖

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- Unlimited access to over 2.5 years (and counting!) of content, including 200+ photos and 60+ videos
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- Fun & sexy content series, including “Sexability,” which offers tips on having sex as a fat, traumatized, neurodivergent, disabled, or chronically ill person, and “Trans Voyeurism,” which offers a look into the everyday intimacies of living in a trans non-binary body
- A peek into how taking a non-binary approach to low dose testosterone gel has changed my body over time, great for fellow non-binary people who are considering going on HRT
- Message responses! I can’t guarantee constant availability, but generous tippers and polite & kind subscribers will absolutely get my attention.

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I recently acquired some new subscribers, so I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. You may call me Mxter Glitter. My pronouns are they/them/Mxter. I use masculine or gender neutral terms for my body (eg. chest, nipples, dick, cock, front hole, butt, etc.)

I’m a trans masc nonbinary femme. I’m a toppy switch dom(me) here to make all your fantasies cum true. I’m a squirter. I love to fuck buttholes. I will tell you what to do because I know you need my direction. I am very generous and will let you know when you’ve been a good boi or gurl for me. I love to boss around my subs, and I also love getting spanked. I embrace nuance and complexity.

Over here on this corner of the internet, we believe in sex worker rights and decriminalization. We believe intimate caregivers deserve to be paid for their labor. We believe in getting off and in enjoying kinky filthy fun. No judgement over here.

I know you horny people out there might be low on cash sometimes, and I get it, so I offer all my content at the lowest monthly rate of $4.99/month (starting in 2023). But please know that I work for tips, and I’ve got a wish list link in my bio if you really want to impress me.

As a lil welcum treat, here’s an intimate peek from a recent cozy afternoon jerk off sesh.

I take requests, esp from good tippers. Pls post a comment if there’s something you’d like to see. I especially enjoy sharing my knowledge about how to make sex and kink more accessible for trans, queer, fat, disabled, and neurodivergent people as well as for people with a history of trauma.

I’m afraid these videos might be boring for you. I sure was having a good time! But there’s not that much to look at? 🤷 I wanna make things that turn you on, so pls lemme know what you like and what you wanna see! 🙏

I love making switchy videos like this one for y’all. Am I thrusting myself into your quaking cheeks, or are you thrusting into mine? Are you writhing beneath me, or am I beneath you? Tell me in the comments.

happy Barbenhiemer everyone 😘

scroll —> to pull down my top 😘

just enjoying a bit of cheeky fun in the shower

who wants to get wet with me?

A mini vacation to the hot springs made me a few days late in making this third post for the month of June. I’ve been making sooo much new stuff for y’all, and I am excited to share it soon 😘

Time for a lil lo fi treat. I took these last night while exhausted and high and happy and horny after the DC Dyke March. I think my belly looks so cute in these.

a lil mini strip tease for you ✨

another video for youuuuu 😘

grateful for ghost chairs 👻 🪑

It’s taken me a while to work up the courage to post “the weird stuff” from my disability visibility themed photoshoot. I am fascinated by the sensuality of stim toys and the intersection between stim toys and sex toys. I tried exploring these ideas and the joys of autistic sex in this image set. I am so grateful to my friend and professional photographer for collaborating with me to make these gorgeous images possible. I’d love to hear in the comments if there are other non-traditional sex toys you enjoy yourself or that you’d like to see me trying!

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