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Hi I'm Dovima VanAussen, I'm a trans gurl/cum slut. Thank you very much for subscribing, if I could I'd suck your dick as my way to say Thank You!!! I love men of all kinds, age(18yo), race , and dick size mean nothing to me. If you would like to make content with me "you" and whoever else is in the clips must be a "I.D. verified Only Fans memeber". It's not hard to do and takes them a day or two to process after that we can fuck.😈💋📸📽️🎥🎬

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Absolutely, YES!

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sucking this big beautiful dick Like my life depends on it is what I call real fun I love worshiping dick with my mouth or ass .

Hey boys here is the latest link to some of my good stuff Don't forget you're welcome to direct message me at any time with any request Enjoy!!!

Hey you hot fucks, here's one of my hotter fucks.

Happy New Year I love you all Thanks for your support and generosity You all rock !!! Please check out this link.

Hello you sexy fuckers and welcome all you newcomers !!! It's been a minute since I posted some material, I understand that , life has been getting in the way including some health issues but they are resolving themselves And I hope to post more sluttiness coming your way. Starting today you can contact me directly via sending me a direct message and ask me for a link to all my raunchy videos that I have available & I'll be happy to share that with you. My desire is that you beat your dick off to the sex I'm having on the clips & hopefully it makes you cum ,and cum, and cum again

I call this "Cum Slut on Velvet Bed"

Just turned 18.

I was waiting at the bus stop in sunny Downtown San Diego, the streets were quiet and it was just a beautiful Sou.Cal. day. I was just minding my own when a guy slowly walks by ,I'm thinking he's taken the bus as well but he slows down more and stops and looks back at me who looked pretty as any teenage girl, platinum white hair,eyeliner, androgynous clothing, no one would have clocked me for anything other than a hot bitch. Back to the dude, so when he turned around to look back at me he caught my naive ass looking back at him. Thinking back at that moment I realize now that certainly he certainly knew he had his prey on the run. The dude strolled back to the bus stop bench and puts one foot up on the bench and says "hi there". I'm dumb and naive but I also know he hasn't come back to talk about the Padres recent game. The dude wasted no time telling me I'm pretty and should go back to his place, I hadn't picked up on it earlier but the fucker was not wearing any underwear under his shorts and his cock head was sticking out of his left leg. He quite naturally catches my dumb ass staring too long at his fat dick head against his hairy leg.
If you didn't realize it before he knew for sure that he had a piece of ass on the line now, and started reeling me in telling me this and that compliment. Something with in me realizes it's time to get fucked for the very first time, I realize it's time to submit to my fate, so we start walking back to his place , I'm not sure at what point,but somehow I came to my senses and tell him clearly that there is no way I was going back to his apartment. As it so happend we were near a stairwell going to a basement parking lot by this time I was horny yet not blindly stupid, I propose we go fool around down the stairs. He realizes there aint no fuckin way I'm going back to his place, and so this is his best chance to fuck my freshly 18yo ass. We get to the bottom of the stairs and that dude whipped his dick out quick as greased lightning, I dropped to my knees and grab his warm dick knowing exactly where it belongs I open my wet mouth and slide that fucker in, certainly it started oozing his "dick honey"(precum) immediately, after about5-7 minutes he knows if I keep up he will blast his skeet down my throat and that will not be enough for him, so he yanks me up spins me around and pushes me over at the waist, yanks my pants down, spits on his dick and starts to shove it into my pretty thick alabaster ass, it didn't go in easy. My virgin ass certainly did not know how to get fucked, he definitely did not give a flying fuck about that and kept pumping his rock hard dick into my body with one arm around my neck and the other hand covering my mouth and my muffled protests of it hurting. He was all predator now, I was his afternoon "snack" that he was not going to let it get free. And then it finally happened, he began exclaiming fuck yes, fuck yes, I guessed correctly that he had just shot his predatory sperm deep in me marking me as his property. I had no option but to let it happen and so I did spurt after spurt spewed into my no longer virgin ass. Finally he pulls out, mutters thanks , and flies up the stairs and was gone . It had happened and it was a little bit late to turn back now. I didn't know it then, but I sure as fuck do now, that was the birth and christening of me as a cum whore fuck slut. True Story.

Sucking off @gothgoose after he came in my ass twice

One of my talents : sucking the fuck outta some dick . I love worshipping cock, especially this one . @pdxbdde

Here's some better footage of me getting inseminated .There was cum everywhere. Just like I like it. I love getting fucked raw more than any other kind of sex and this man @pdxbdde , dicks me right !!

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