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hey there! my name's mac, i'm a trans woman (she/her) from texas, and this is pretty much just stuff that i can't post on tumblr lol

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i don't soak up the sun very often (cause when i do i get sunburned), but i wanted to take some pics when takin the dog out. as always, any suggestions/requests are welcome! i never know what to post

not gonna be able to make content for a bit, i've got a new roommate in a pitbull we're fostering. figured i'd share this old experimental video of me moisturizing after my shower. probably gonna be charging for full nudity in the future but ya know. let me know if you have any ideas you wanna see in the meantime! 💖💖💖

rise and shine y'all 💖 didn't wanna just keep doing stretching videos lol. any suggestions of what y'all wanna see?

old lady morning stretches part 2, now with cute pineapple undies. lemme know if you like these kind of videos! wanna make more cute content

hey y'all, just wanted to say i made a twitter! you can find me there at BigSoftBison ^_^

love these new sweatpants i got from @wizardofbarge on insta! feelin bad to the bone. i'm trying to upgrade my photos (and videos? 👀) with a better camera, any recommendations? 💖

hey y'all, back from the grave. things have been pretty tough down south. i'm doin alright, but please donate to some mutual aid groups if you're able (i think austin and dallas are still in need). hope y'all are doin alright. also, what type of stuff should i post? more of the same? any new ideas? let a bitch know

regrettably, i must inform y'all..... sometimes a hoe does get cold (and hungry)

rise and grind

don't have anything witty to say, i just want someone's hands all over me 😔

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