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I am a MTF transgender woman looking to help spread body positivity and encourage other trans individuals along their journey! Expect to see swimsuits, lingerie, and even nudes when I feel like it! (No porn, though- Not what this page is for :P) Obviously, if you don't wanna see it, don't pay for it. This is simply my way of expressing my true self, and showing off my body whenever I feel like it.

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Sorry for the long radio silence!

Going to fully move everything over to Fansly starting tonight. Same username as here, but even lewder this time around! (Haha, just kidding, unless... >.>)


I will be shuttering my OnlyFans page sometime in the near future, I'll give y'all a final heads-up a couple of weeks before I do. For now, feel free to migrate on over to my Fansly where I'm already posting content!

It seems as though the type of content I was hoping to create here is no longer welcome. Please stay tuned as I figure out where to go from here.

What's this? A VIDEO?? In THIS economy???

You betcha. ;) Please excuse the messy room.

Hey all! Hope you've had a wonderful week. Enjoy a slightly older picture of me while I talk about something that is crucial in any relationship: Consent. (This one's a novel, so get comfy!)

When we think of the word "consent", there are the obvious connotations that come along with it, as well as the straightforward phrase of "no means no". Well, it actually goes a lot deeper than that, and its what I want to touch on today. As with all of my posts regarding topics such as this, I will only be speaking for myself. With that in mind, let us begin.

First of all, something you should know about me is that I am polyamerous. For those who may not know, this means that I have more than one partner, as opposed to a single "girlfriend" or "boyfriend". Believe it or not, the concept of consent starts here: If I ever seek out a new relationship, I inform them that I am poly and already have multiple partners, and ask them if that is something they are comfortable with. I also inform my current partners that I am seeking a new relationship and if they are okay with it. If the answer from even one person is no, then I break it off and don't push the issue. The last thing I want is to make anyone feel uncomfortable, and the best way to go about that is simply by being honest.

Next, let's talk about once you're actually in bed. One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give you is this: Don't make assumptions. Just because you *think* you're going in a certain direction does not give you implied permission to go all the way. For example (skip to the next paragraph if you don't want a peek into my sex life), the first time I got together with one of my partners after dating online, we were on the bed, making out, and clothes were coming off. You'd think that you know where this is going, and that we're just gonna go straight into, right? Not exactly. I didn't know just how far they wanted to go yet, so when it came to around that time, I asked permission before removing their underwear, and only did so after being told "yes". If the answer had be "no", then I would have been perfectly content laying there cuddling. Cuddles are nice. :3

Also (and this is actually really important), don't assume that just because your partner was okay with something in the past means that they'll always be okay with it moving forward (and the same can be said for you, as well!) You and your partner are free to grant and revoke consent for any reason, and here's the most important part: Neither of you are obligated to explain yourselves as to why. If one of my partners tells me they don't want me doing something, I don't ask why. I simply respect their decision and don't do it. It's THAT simple!

When you respect boundaries and consent, you form a bond of mutual trust with your partner that should *never* be broken, and God help you if it ever is. Acknowledging and respecting consent is the number one key, along with proper and healthy communication, to happy and stable relationships. Your partner doesn't owe you *anything*. Work with them, talk to them, listen to them, and respect them. And above all, remember this: While its true that "no means no", please also remember that only "yes" means "yes". Do all of that, and you'll be just fine.

Have a wonderful weekend. <3


No photo attached to this post, just something I wanted to clarify and get off my chest for my own sake.

My own insecurities aside, I have no shame in showing off my body. As long as I'm choosing to show it off for your viewing pleasure, then please view away! My mission on this platform is and always will be to help empower others to overcome their own insecurities by shamelessly putting my own on display.

THAT BEING SAID, I should make something very clear. This page is operated strictly on a "look but don't touch" basis. I have absolutely no issue with you looking at my body, but just because I allow you to view it does not entitle you *to* it. So far, there have been zero issues about this and all of you in my comments have been nothing but supportive, and for that I thank you. <3 I feel I should pre-emptively make it clear though that any advances made towards me on this or any platform you may follow me own will be ignored, and repeat offenders will be blocked. I'm not here to try and hook up with strangers; I'm here to empower others and spread body positivity to those who may be struggling with their own self-image. So if you're just here because you think you can score a piece of this, then kindly see yourself out now- It ain't happenin'. Besides, I'm probably too good for you anyway. ;)

As for everyone else who is simply here to enjoy the content I create, thank you so much for your support. Seeing your likes and comments on my posts thus far has been extremely encouraging, and it makes me want to create more and more content for this platform doing something that, a few years ago, I never would have DREAMED of doing. Y'all are awesome and I appreciate every single one of you. Have a great rest of your week. <3


AHHHHH look what came in today!!! Operation Body Hair Removal is a go! I'm so excited for this, y'all have no idea. I've actually been feeling very unfeminine latey, but seeing this just boosted my serotonin a hundredfold. I can't wait to start using it.

What are some themes/settings you'd like to see featured in my free-to-view single-photo posts? You can be as general or specific as you like. I can't promise anything but if I like it I'll take it into consideration! I'm open to doing pretty much anything except nudes (y'all ain't ready for that yet ;) ) Drop suggestions down in the comments below!

Hey everyone! Just an update to say that I'll be taking a longer break than expected on this platform, but for good reason! I think I'm at the point now where my natural hair is long enough to pass without my wig, though there are a few modifications I want to make first and will be meeting with a stylist later this month. Secondly, I'm about to FINALLY begin the process of permanent body hair removal, so I can finally feel like the sexy-ass b*tch I know I am 7 days a week. That process won't be documented here, but if you follow my on Twitch and Twitter (username for both being ReachIsBeast), you'll find out how you can see it! And don't worry... When the finished product is ready, y'all will be the first to see ;)

Keep being awesome, and I'll see y'all on the flipside. <3

(Couldn't be bothered to shave my chest, deal with it XD) So unfortunately the unboxing video I recorded came out *way* to scuffed to post (I'm a content creator by trade and take quality very seriously lol), so have a pic instead! These are far more sturdy, heavy and durable than the foam inserts I've been using up to this point, plus they each weigh about 2 pounds so they have some decent weight to them. They fit very comfortably in my existing bras, and they feel very natural to the touch, which will make my partner very happy XD The strap that they come equipped with is a bit too tight for my broader build, even when full extended; thankfully I found that they nestle perfectly in my bra without the need for the strap, so I don't have to worry about it. I'm honestly so happy with them; they feel so natural that I almost forget that they're fake. If you or someone you know needs something like this, here's a link to the seller! I recommend messaging them ahead of time to double check that they have the size you want- I originally ordered DD's but was later told they were out, so I got F's instead XD Oh well, more boing-boing for Taylor <3 https://www.ebay.com/itm/192589466162?ul_noapp=true

~An official introduction!~

Hi! My name is Taylor and I'm MTF Transgender! I came to OnlyFans to spread body positivity and help others overcome their insecurities. If you're already following me, thank you! If you're finding me for the first time, welcome! I routinely post free-to-view photos of myself, and from time to time release themed PPV photosets, my most recent of which as of this post being themed "Femme Fatale", available for $12 USD! I definitely want to grow on this platform, and as a way to do that, I've come up with a series of stretch goals! Here's what you can unlock at certain milestones just by subscribing to my profile:

25 Fans - Q&A video
50 Fans - Blake Belladonna Cosplay Photoset (RWBY)
75 Fans - Bikini Photoset
100 Fans - HuniePop livestream

In addition, I also make content on Twitch and YouTube, so feel free to follow there as well!


Thank you for taking the time to check out my page, and I hope to see you back soon! <3


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