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I'm just your average trans MILF next door, trying to get a(bit of)head. I have an assortment of toys, human and otherwise, and that extra bit extra down there to bring you to your knees. I like to have my way with you as much as you do me, so, cum join me for some fun <3

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Got waaaay too horny chatting with a friend and had to cum then and there...then go to bed for a beauty nap ;)

Hello remaining people I am getting this up and running again as I do need cash but I also have a need to show off... My hormones have been doing me great favours recently!

This is definitely my best recorded cumshot of all time so please subscribe please enjoy There will be a lot more with this came from hehe ❤️

I just adore my cheapass matching set. They're ridiculously comfy, they feel with my advice average girldick... And they look fucking hot!!!

I swear I am going to be wearing them around town without anything else on soon lol.

People seem to get upset at a dick being semi tucked away into yoga pants or something like this, and I'm like, someone in your family wears fucking Speedos and it's probably the guy you're standing next to... it's a dick some girls have dicks get over it... Finally what are you doing walking around looking at everyone's dick for?


Anyway, here's me basically enjoying my cheapass undies...

All of my life I wanted to be a MILF... You know, it something that I thought was absolutely impossible as I stared at these gorgeous, voluptuous women in their swimsuits with their big tits and their perfect, soft asses... Back when I was about 12, (trying to hide my obvious appreciation), milfs didn't have the clothes or the fitness that they have today. There is a new standard... And I love it...

Hot mum's wear what the fuck they want and they look hot... Yoga pants, mini skirts, short shorts, basically undies and a bra trying to pass off as gym clothes...all of which I have a real thing for now that my body is on track again!

About 10 weeks ago I stop taking everything that was hurting me physically and mentally and I started to live healthy again... And the change has been phenomenal.

My cute little tits have grown 2 sizes in 8 weeks my ass keeps getting fatter, and more and more boys stop and question their sexuality around me...

Anyway enough about me here's some pics... I'll do some videos as well 😘

More pics...come have fun! Make a request and let me fulfil your shemale fantasy!!!

Become a part of my journey, sponsor my titties, watch my ass grow, and enjoy me transforming into the perfect fuckable shemale milf!

Hey! It's been a are some pics ❤️ my body is coming back, my titties are growing again...I'm well on my way to becoming the shemale milf I've always wanted to be!

Ok, it's been a while. A long while. Along...long time ago in a shmalaxy far, far away...

Ok I won't go there, but if anyone has a Sexy Stormtrooper or Darth Vader outfit, hand it over and I'll take it to the Dogaybar system.

Hey, we have My Hotham here in Victoria! Who is Hotham and why should I mount her/he/them?
We will probably never find out...

Here is some random shite. No theme. Not even Star Wars features.

I had written this entire post out and then, lo and behold, something happened and a moron somehow deleted it all.

I'm not writing it all out again, so here it is in summary:

People ask for videos of me fucking/being fucked, and I don't have many. Mainly this is because: guys are shit at filming and fucking at the same time, if they're not already hidibg from the camera despite giving consent. It's like a naked fight scene from the Matrix. Furthermore, I'm a complete hornbag and I just get too excited to think beyond deciding which hole needs plugging. Why not both?

I am making it a priority to alleviate this absence of arse annihilation abruptly!here are a couple, and one of them is kinda rad. Well, I think so.


#transtopsboy #girltopsboy #anal #transgender #trans #mtf #mtftrans #transgirl #transwoman #tgirl #shemale

Bigger and bigger (part 3: yum)

Not much to say tbh, they just get bigger...oh, there's cum too, but that comes later lol

Don't forget, I happily do video calls for a fee (in comments) so it's basically cheaper to pay for a chunk up front. I'm happy to do it on any platform, but I tend to use WhatsApp and Snapchat because I'm on them most...


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